30 Cars in 30 Days: '68 Ford Galaxie

‘New’ classic car makes for happy couple

By Dave Chapman
Photo by Dave Chapman

HURON TWP. — No matter how much you like your classic car, there are some reasons that you know it’s time for it to go. Rod Hopper, retired principal of Huron High School, was the proud owner of a 1966 Ford Mustang for years. Recently, it was replaced with a 1968 Ford Galaxie.
“I have had the Mustang for many years and had grown tired of it,” Hopper said. “Besides, it was a stick shift and my wife, Betty, couldn’t drive it. The new car is an automatic, so she can drive this car.”
Hopper found the car on Craigslist and purchased it from the third owner. It seems that Ford had bought the car back from its first owner with the car being used as a test vehicle for line-of-sight tests of the car with the top down. The engineer of the project purchased the car from Ford and kept it until he sold it to Hopper.
Before the owner of the car would sell it to him, Hopper had to agree to keep good care of the car and to keep it as original. Hopper agreed, and along with the car he was given photos of the car with the rear-mounted cameras when it was being used for tests.
The car is in pretty good shape with only a few items that need addressed. He plans on fixing them and maybe repaint it — then drop the top and have fun driving it with his wife.

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