30 CARS IN 30 DAYS: ’26 Tall T

By Dave Chapman

WYANDOTTE — Over the years, John Payne has sat behind the wheel of more than one classic muscle car that has had his name on the title. And there’s no doubt more than one them drew stares from people as he drove by.

However, none have gotten the looks of his latest his 1926 Model T, commonly known as a Tall T.

Payne recently acquired the car from the family of one of his friends who died.

"The car has a unique style and shape," he said. "I got the car for a fair price, and it would help out the family."

The car has a steel body and fiberglass fenders, and is powered by a small-block Chevrolet engine.

"I like the stance of the car," Payne said. "You don’t see many cars like this done like a pro street car with the wide tires."

While the car is not in perfect shape yet, Payne plans to redo the body once he gets the car running the way he thinks it is capable of.

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